Famous castaways throughout history

Indeed, there have been numerous cases of castaways throughout history. Some people managed to survive shipwrecks and other events that left them stranded in remote places. And then they had to master life in their new homes! While many didn't live to tell the story, some luckily did. In this gallery, we bring you the stories of some of the world's most famous castaways. Click on and get to know their fascinating experiences.

Read up on the world's strangest libraries

No matter what happens, books will never go out of style. To prove that, there are hundreds of incredible libraries that need to be explored. There are libraries in the craziest places, from converted tanks to traveling camels in Kenya. Click on to explore the weird and wonderful ways that people get their books.

The 5 states with the worst, best traveler's airplane etiquette

Poor airplane etiquette can ruin your flight. Here are the U.S. states guilty of the worst and best travel habits, according to a new survey.

The oldest surviving photos of the world’s gold rushes

Incredible images from 19th century gold rushes in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand South Africa when it seemed the whole world was afflicted with gold fever.

The most significant schools of philosophy

Did you know that how we think and act is largely down to a number of famous schools of thought founded by some of the most celebrated philosophers in world history? Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It's an ancient discipline that serves as a guiding principle of behavior. The greatest philosophical traditions originated in ancient Greece, but since that time many other forms of philosophy have developed. So, what are the most significant systems of learning and wisdom? Click through and wise up on the evolution of philosophy.

After a Night at These Luxurious New International Hotels, You’ll Never Want to Come Home.

Wanderlust is not a deadly sin.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

The world in miniature: amazing model villages and scaled-down cities

Fancy a little scaled-down sightseeing? These miniature parks are the most diminutive destinations in the world, pocket-sized places that look exactly like the real thing...only smaller! Browse the gallery for a minute look at these Lilliputian landmarks, where small is big and size is reduced.

Mystery monolith appears in Nevada desert

The Nevada monolith is one of number of similar structures have been found around the world in recent years.

Did you know Ukraine is about to get some powerful boats from the United States?

Two killed after plane crashes into trailer park in Colorado

Two people have died after a plane crashed into a home in northern Colorado, sparking a raging fire which engulfed two properties at the scene.

I was born and raised in Honolulu. Here are 7 things I wish tourists knew before they visited Hawaii.

As a Honolulu local, this is what I wish people knew about before they visited Hawaii, from important phrases to crucial travel rules and mistakes.

Why people keep disappearing from these American national parks

Over 1,000 people have vanished from American national parks in the past 100-odd years, often leaving no trace behind. Check out this gallery to learn more about the freakish cases and the shocking reason behind them.

How to Tell Whether Paid Loyalty Programs Are Worth It

Paid loyalty programs could just siphon money from your wallet — or do your spending habits make them worth it?

Hanoi residents praise Putin as 'world leader', 'idol' ahead of visit

By Minh Nguyen and Thinh Nguyen HANOI (Reuters) - Nguyen Thi Hong Van's Russian souvenir shop may be a bit of an oddity in the Vietnamese capital but her gifts sell very well, she says, reflecting the enthusiasm Hanoians of all ages have for President Vladimir Putin who will visit the city this week. "Vietnamese people love Russian products very much," she told Reuters, surrounded by Matryoshka

I'm a travel writer and here are six reasons (apart from clubbing) why Ibiza is a dream destination, from mysterious rocks to world-class hotels and beaches

'Ibiza is known for being a party island, but that has never been my experience of it,' writes Samantha Lewis. Here's why it 'never disappoints' away from the nightclubs...

The 28 Best Westerns of All Time

Saddle up for a trip to Hollywood's version of the Wild West.

Last call to be part of peace doves exhibition

Staff at Durham Cathedral say 12,000 doves with "profound and emotional" messages have been made.

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Is seaweed the solution to net zero aviation emissions?

It's common knowledge by now that airplanes are bad for the environment. They pump greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere at a rather alarming rate. Unfortunately for the planet, flying is an extremely popular and convenient method of transport, and it's highly unlikely that we'll stop using it any time soon. The race is therefore on to develop a way to power planes that would reduce aviation emissions to net zero. Check out this gallery to find out about the potential for kelp to be used as a biofuel.

Sophia Bush Is All Smiles in Cannes, Plus John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, King Charles and More

From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to

4 Ways to Get Senior Discounts on Cruise Trips

Some major cruise lines offer discounts to travelers as young as age 50. And members of certain organizations can access additional savings.

Find the ideal American city for you, based on your personality

With 50 states and thousands of municipalities, the United States offers a diverse range of options for people of all preferences. Individuals who share similar interests and preferences often gravitate towards locations that provide their desired lifestyle, such as abundant sunshine or a wide selection of wines. Curious? Visit the gallery to discover the ideal destinations that best suit your personality and preferences.

These are the oldest cities in the US

Although the US didn't achieve independence from Great Britain until 1776, many cities in the country were established much earlier. From North to South, Spanish, French, and English colonizers began arriving at the shores of the US in the early 16th century to establish settlements, some of which still exist today. But while these settlements grew into cities, it's important to note that most occupied lands had been settled long before by Indigenous peoples. Are you curious about what the oldest cities in the US are? Click on to discover the 15 oldest cities in the US that still exist and thrive today.

Railway company must pay a Native American tribe nearly $400 million

BNSF Railway was ordered Monday to fork over nearly $400 million to the Swinomish tribe north of Seattle for trespassing on its reservation.

Holidaymakers asked to leave as protestors take to beach in Majorca

More than 200 activists descended on the popular Caló des Moro beach in Majorca heckling holidaymakers who dared to sunbathe or dip in the cool waters. Protesters held banners in the sea and on the beach to ward off tourists

The Most Popular Book the Year You Were Born

We had forgotten about so many of these.

Beginner peaks: Easy mountains for new climbers

Are you looking to gain climbing skills, but have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you've crossed a few summits off your list but are ready to take on slightly bigger challenges? Fear not, because several high peaks around the world require little or no technical expertise—just a good pinch of motivation! Click through the gallery to see the world's best beginner-level mountains.

Atmospheric opening promised for Edinburgh International Festival

It will see large video projections, immersive installations and music in the grounds after dark.

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

The Hotel Chelsea and its notorious celebrity residents

The Hotel Chelsea—also called the Chelsea Hotel, or simply the Chelsea—once served as a 400-room bohemian enclave for literary luminaries, visionary artists, soul-searching singers, and starry-eyed wannabes. Indeed, in its heyday, the legendary New York City landmark property became a hostelry for a host of creative long-term residents, many of them the celebrities of their day. But notoriety also lodged here, occasions when reputations alone ended up overstaying their welcome. Click through this gallery to check in and check out the registry of some of the Chelsea's most famous—and infamous—guests.

Fascinating facts about the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the largest salt lake in the world and in fact isn't a sea at all! Located between Israel and Jordan, it has many sites which can provide various benefits for our health. Discover all there is to know about this iconic place!

Revealed: Precautions allergy sufferers should take when flying (and why morning flights are SAFER)

Flying with a food allergy can be daunting and the results of a mistake dire - as Love Island star Jack Fowler discovered after suffering from a reaction on a recent flight to Dubai.

Center Parcs announces major shake-up to booking activities

The short-break holiday firm has reintroduced a policy whereby guests must cancel activities and bookings for restaurants and spas up to 12 hours before the start time in order to get a full refund.

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

These skylines will give you a surge of inspiration.

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

Wedding wars! How photographers took over – and vicars fought back

Hiking to the top of the highest local peak in full wedding dress sounded dramatic, adventurous and romantic. A visual representation of feeling on top of the world; a jaunty juxtaposition between gorgeous wedding finery and the wilds of northern England. The resulting photographs were striking and memorable, recalls the photographer behind this scenario, Scott Johnson. The couple were lovely and it was one of his favourite jobs – but he wonders...

Ernest Hemingway's Life Was More Violent Than His Stories

When Ernest Hemingway married his beautiful fourth wife Mary Welsh, it was supposed to be a fairy tale. Within years, it turned into a horror story.

The world's most dazzling archaeological discoveries made recently

From Iron Age hoards and rare biblical inscriptions to lost desert cities and even the skeletons of huge sea dragons, here are some Incredible ancient discoveries from around the world unearthed in recent years.

The Northwest Territories: a destination in the extreme

The Northwest Territories cover an immense tract of land, a vast swathe of boreal forest and Arctic tundra nearly six times the size of the United Kingdom. This sparsely populated Canadian territory almost reaches the North Pole, and is a region defined by towering mountains, mighty rivers, and some of the largest lakes in North America. Indeed, it's a place of epic proportions, a destination in the extreme. Are you seeking an outdoor adventure challenge in a brutal but beguiling wilderness? Click through, leave civilization behind, and discover the Northwest Territories.

The wild Titanic conspiracy theory: did the ship never sink?

The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State

Why yes, we would love to reside in a place where we can pan for sapphires.

Seashells and sunshine: the best and worst beaches in the American South

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, it is no wonder that tourists flock to beaches in the American South year after year. However, these seashores are far from equal. While in some areas you can find crystal-clear waters and white sand on par with the Caribbean, others have murky grey water and litter as far as the eye can see. From gorgeous to grotesque, click through the following photo gallery to see the best and worst beaches you can find in the South, according to a survey by Ranker and various online reviews.

Could the mystery of flight MH370 finally be solved by new signal?

Underwater microphones, also known as hydrophones, have reportedly picked up a signal around the same time as MH370 is believed to have crashed on March 8, 2014.

The 8 Oldest Restaurants in New York City

These iconic restaurants have withstood the test of time.

20 of America's Best Historic Homes You Definitely Have to Visit

Yes, it's time to plan a trip!

The best cities in the world to explore on foot

Walking the streets of a new city can be therapeutic. As well as recharging your batteries, it's a great way to get in touch with different people and cultures. Some of the biggest attractions in a city are very spread out from one other, and you have to resort to taking taxis or figuring out the metro system to get around. On the other hand, there are cities which, despite their size, have lots of attractions located close together, so you can travel by foot and make the most of the day. Take a look at the following gallery to find out which cities are best to explore on foot!

These Small Towns in California Are Bursting With Beauty and Charm

Nope, this isn't Italy.

Yes, You Can Book a Stay at These Celeb-Approved Hotels

You might get starstruck at these luxury properties.

The Most Remote Islands In The World You Can Visit

The world is full of wonders—and while some are just within our reach, there are some truly fascinating remote places on Earth, including islands that are so far away you’d wonder just how they came to be discovered in the first place.