Onsen, a traditional Japanese bathing practice in mineral-rich hot springs, offers various health benefits like improved blood circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. While a trip to Japan may be on your bucket list, you can still enjoy the therapeutic effects of an onsen in Singapore.

Discover the top onsen spas in the city and immerse yourself in a blissful experience.

1. Yunomori Onsen Singapore

Photo from Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Mall Singapore

Yunomori Onsen Singapore, located in Kallang Wave Mall, offers a fusion of traditional Japanese onsen therapies and Thai spa treatments.

With six types of onsen baths, Yunomori Onsen provides a holistic approach to relaxation and detoxification.

The jet bath soothes aches and improves blood circulation, while the onsen hot bath at 40-43°C offers deep relaxation for your mind and body.

For a unique experience, try the Soda or Silk onsen baths. The Soda bath with carbon dioxide reduces high blood pressure, while the Silk bath, with its velvety texture, alleviates rheumatic or arthritic aches and pains.

Cool off with Yunomori Onsen’s refreshing Cold bath. Each bath uses mineral-rich waters to revitalise your body before indulging in a rejuvenating massage.

2. Joya Onsen Cafe

Photo from Joya Onsen Cafe

If you seek a more intimate onsen experience, Joya Onsen Cafe offers private rooms for couples and groups. You can enjoy an hour and a half of pure relaxation while soaking in their exclusive onsen baths.

Joya Onsen provides all the necessities, including bath towels, disposable wear, and even a jinbei or yukata to wear after your bath.

After your rejuvenating soak, tantalize your taste buds with authentic Japanese cuisine at the cafe.

From ramen and soba to delightful Japanese desserts and beverages, Joya Onsen Cafe ensures a truly indulgent experience.

Interestingly, infants and toddlers below the age of 3 can also partake in the onsen facilities, making it a family-friendly destination.

3. Elements Wellness

Image source: Elements Wellness

Elements Wellness, an exquisite onsen spa in Singapore, takes pride in its traditional onsen rituals. Nestled within Elements Wellness Spa, their handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub offers a truly authentic experience.

Bathing in the energised ion water and utilising Hinoki wood bath accessories, renowned for their therapeutic properties, allows you to revitalise your circulation, alleviate pain, and improve your overall well-being.

For an invigorating boost, alternate between the hot onsen and a Crystal Cold Shower or detoxifying steam bath.

4. Ikeda Spa Onsen Singapore

Photo from TripAdvisor | Ikeda Spa

With its authentic Hinoki onsen bath and Japanese hot spring resort ambience, Ikeda Spa transports you to a realm of regal serenity.

The onsen bath, crafted from Hinoki wood and known for its favoured status among Japanese royalty, releases mineral oils that promote relaxation.

Whether you choose a private onsen bath or a couple’s session, ensure a minimum one-hour indulgence to fully immerse yourself in the tranquil experience.

Ikeda Spa also offers a variety of onsen spa options, each with its own health benefits and aromatic oils.

5. Heiwa Wellness & Spa

Heiwa Wellness & Spa presents a mineral-rich onsen spa experience that invigorates your senses and detoxifies your skin and body.

Their full spectrum infra sauna, coupled with optimum humidity and temperature, opens up your pores, facilitating the elimination of toxins.

Image source: Heiwa Wellness & Spa

After your onsen session, treat yourself to a delectable array of Japanese delicacies and omakase meals at the on-site restaurant. Indulge in a complete wellness journey at Heiwa Wellness & Spa.

6. AKARUI Baby Infant Onsen: Relaxation for Little Ones

Surprisingly, onsen experiences are not limited to adults in Singapore. AKARUI Baby Infant Onsen offers a unique opportunity for infants to enjoy the soothing benefits of onsen bathing.

Conducted by trained teachers, these onsen baths use spring water sourced from Gensen Kakenagashi in Nasu Shiobara, Japan.

Each infant receives individual attention and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The water levels are carefully regulated, and all the minerals in the onsen are certified safe by the Nasu Environmental Technology Center in Japan.

AKARUI Baby Infant Onsen provides a nurturing environment for the little ones to relax and experience the gentle effects of the onsen.

Immerse Yourself in Onsen Bliss

While the tranquil experience of a traditional Japanese onsen may seem out of reach in Singapore, these onsen spas bring the essence of Japan to your doorstep.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and surrender yourself to the healing powers of onsen.

Remember to relax, rejuvenate, and soak in the blissful atmosphere of these exceptional onsen spas in Singapore.

Book your onsen experience today and discover the ultimate oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city.


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