Five more tourists have died or gone missing on Greek islands since the death of Dr Michael Mosley amid 'history-making' hot weather.

The body of a missing American man was found on the island of Mathraki, near Corfu, on Sunday. It came the day after a Dutch man was found dead in a ravine on the eastern island of Samos.

Their deaths follow that of health guru and revered Mail columnist Dr Mosley, who died on Symi after taking a wrong turn on a walk in high temperatures. His body was found on June 9 after a five-day search.

Meanwhile, searches are going on for three tourists – two French women and an American, Albert Calibet, 59 – in the Cyclades islands. Mr Calibet, a retired Los Angeles sheriff's deputy, was last seen hiking alone in very hot conditions on Amorgos. And the two French nationals – aged 73 and 64 – are missing on the secluded island of Sikinos.

The Dutch man who was found dead on Samos aged 74 was reportedly seen struggling to walk in the heat and was discovered 300 yards from where he was last spotted. And the unnamed American, 55, found dead on Mathraki a day later, became the third tourist to lose his life in a week.

Temperatures soared above 40C earlier this month as the Greek holiday season began. Meteorologist Panos Giannopoulos told TV channel ERT: 'This heatwave will go down in history. In the 20th century, we never had one before June 19.'

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