Queen Maxima wows in ruby dress as she reopens museum

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands stepped out in a stunning red ensemble on Tuesday as she reopened the Museum Hindeloopen in the Dutch city.

British teenager missing in Tenerife

Jay Slater was last heard from at 08:00 BST on Monday 17 June.

Rail disruption after person hit by train

Trains to Luton Airport Parkway and London St Pancras International route are suspended.

Meghan Markle's favorite New York hotel offers up $525-PER-PERSON two-hour boat ride to the Statue of Liberty... so is it really worth it?

The Mark Hotel's Spring Sailing experience gives passengers a taste of how the other half live aboard a dreamy 70ft antique sail boat.'s Sadie Whitelocks investigates.

Is seaweed the solution to net zero aviation emissions?

It's common knowledge by now that airplanes are bad for the environment. They pump greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere at a rather alarming rate. Unfortunately for the planet, flying is an extremely popular and convenient method of transport, and it's highly unlikely that we'll stop using it any time soon. The race is therefore on to develop a way to power planes that would reduce aviation emissions to net zero. Check out this gallery to find out about the potential for kelp to be used as a biofuel.

Holidaymakers braced for chaos as M25 partly shuts for a full weekend

Just in time for the start of summer holidays, families in the South East of England face gridlock on the roads.

The 20 Best Luggage Brands Worth Investing In

From Samsonite to Rimowa, Tumi to Away—here's what you need to know about each one.

23 Theme Park Insider Tips That Will Save You Money

These days, passes for Disney and other major parks have crossed the three-figure threshold, while single-day tickets to big regional parks typically cost visitors $50 or more. Still, it's possible to...

After a Night at These Luxurious New International Hotels, You’ll Never Want to Come Home.

Wanderlust is not a deadly sin.

In pictures: Singapore intensifies clean up as oil spill spreads along coast

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Where to visit these awesome abandoned movie sets

There are some amazing locations around the world that once played host to famous actors, but post-production were left to rack and ruin. The crews are gone but you can still visit these iconic abandoned sets from The Hunger Games, Star Wars and more...

Are These Bucket List Trips Actually Worth The Hype?

You might just have to see it to believe it.

Could You Afford a Vacation Home in Louisiana? Check Out the Prices in New Orleans and 7 Other Cities

Louisiana doesn't get as many headlines as Hawaii, New York or Las Vegas as a vacation destination, but it certainly lives up to its name as a "sportsman's paradise" thanks to its bountiful waterways,...

Hanoi residents praise Putin as 'world leader', 'idol' ahead of visit

By Minh Nguyen and Thinh Nguyen HANOI (Reuters) - Nguyen Thi Hong Van's Russian souvenir shop may be a bit of an oddity in the Vietnamese capital but her gifts sell very well, she says, reflecting the enthusiasm Hanoians of all ages have for President Vladimir Putin who will visit the city this week. "Vietnamese people love Russian products very much," she told Reuters, surrounded by Matryoshka

Europe's most spectacular waterfalls

Europe is home to some of the world's most gorgeous scenery, and waterfalls are no exception. Browse the following gallery to check out Europe's most breathtaking waterfalls.

4 Ways to Get Senior Discounts on Cruise Trips

Some major cruise lines offer discounts to travelers as young as age 50. And members of certain organizations can access additional savings.

Colourful parade set to return to city streets

Hundreds of Coventry residents are set to turn out for a day of music, and food, say organisers.

High-paying jobs that let you travel the world

You may have a passion for travel but find yourself lacking the time to go on adventures due to your work schedule. The good news is that nowadays you can combine work and travel in many different areas—and actually make good money. From travel blogger to diplomat, browse through the gallery to see the high-paying jobs that allow you travel the world.

You Can Rent Island Luxury for Under $1,000 a Month Here

Explore an affordable, laid-back life on this island in Latin America.

Celebrities who have their own private planes

The rich and the famous lead lives that many of us can only dream of—especially when it comes to spending a fortune on things that seem almost too good to be true. The people you will see in this gallery aren't just rich and famous, they are also the proud owners of the most luxurious form of transport—their own private jets and planes! Take a look at the following photos and get to know the personal aircraft of celebrities such as Celine Dion, John Travolta, and Angelina Jolie. Click through the gallery and be amazed!

What is the history of obelisks and what are they used for?

They are among the loftiest monuments ever built, but what exactly is an obelisk? A tall, four-sided narrow tapering column, these majestic geometric pillars first made their appearance in ancient Egypt, originally erected in pairs at the entrances of temples. True obelisks are “monolithic,” or made from a single piece of stone, most often granite. Difficult to construct and serving no practical purpose, an obelisk in antiquity stood as a sacred object commemorating the dead, representing kings, and honoring gods. Many have survived millennia, with most pilfered by emperors and sent from Egypt to Rome and beyond. In fact, these unique timeworn towers can be admired in destinations around the world. Click through and marvel at these needle-like monoliths.

A crew member hit the ceiling and a passenger was scalded by spilled coffee as turbulence caused 'pandemonium' on a flight in New Zealand

An Air New Zealand flight encountered heavy turbulence on Sunday, and a full coffee pot was spilled over one passenger during the trolley service.

Expedia offered me $650K job but changed their mind because I'm white

Michael Kascsak, 49, a married dad-of-one from Austin, Texas, says Expedia gave him the runaround for months before making him America's latest victim of reverse racism.

The best cities in the world to explore on foot

Walking the streets of a new city can be therapeutic. As well as recharging your batteries, it's a great way to get in touch with different people and cultures. Some of the biggest attractions in a city are very spread out from one other, and you have to resort to taking taxis or figuring out the metro system to get around. On the other hand, there are cities which, despite their size, have lots of attractions located close together, so you can travel by foot and make the most of the day. Take a look at the following gallery to find out which cities are best to explore on foot!

13 Ways Experts Find the Most Valuable Items at Thrift Stores

Never miss a hidden gem again.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

Love Island star had life threatening allergic reaction on flight

Jack Fowler has revealed he was rushed to hospital following a terrifying allergic reaction on a recent flight to Dubai.

If You Love Pinot Noir, Meet Your New Favorite Wine Region

Bright, juicy, and easy to drink, Alsatian Pinot Noir belongs on your radar.

Heavy rains in the Everglades bring out stunning wildlife

Heavy rains in the Everglades bring out stunning wildlife

32 Rare Vintage Shots Taken at London’s Famous Claridge’s Hotel

The famous hotel is a favorite among royalty and Hollywood stars.

Sophia Bush Is All Smiles in Cannes, Plus John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, King Charles and More

From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to

The most insane rescue missions in modern history

Every day around the world, people find themselves in dangerous situations created by natural disasters, terrorism, or even human mistakes. And while a rescue mission's goal is to save lives, it often involves risk for rescuers. Click through the following gallery to see more of the greatest rescue missions of all time.

Did you know Ukraine is about to get some powerful boats from the United States?

Peeking into North Korea: Glimpses of daily life from across the border

13 Amusement Parks in the U.S. That Are Completely Free to Enter

A few even charge you nothing for parking and entertainment. Amusement parks are synonymous with so many wonderful things: fun in the sun, rollercoasters and carousels, games galore and delicious food. And all in a colorful, jubilant, family-friendly setting. The only issue? Joy like that does not typically come cheap. Or can it? Well, at these 13 amusement parks across the U.S., from the Golden to the Garden States, you can save on one very important front: entry. While the vast majority of amusement parks — including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens — require tickets just to walk through the gates, these resorts and parks do not. Of course, if you want to ride the rides or snack on the snacks, you'll still have to open your wallet. (A good thing can only go so far!) But if you're someone who's more about the vibes than the rides, this is the list for you. Make sure you scroll to the bottom: There's one very famous park that's about to go "open gate" with its water parks for guests staying on property. (Hint: It's home to a special mouse!)

Railway company must pay a Native American tribe nearly $400 million

BNSF Railway was ordered Monday to fork over nearly $400 million to the Swinomish tribe north of Seattle for trespassing on its reservation.

I travelled to Romania to meet my birth parents but found a husband

An adopted woman travelled 6,000 miles from California to Romania to track down her biological family - but ended up meeting the 'love of her life' instead

The incredible health benefits of going to the beach

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural wonders our world has to offer. However, a day by the shore is more than just a good time; there are also surprising health benefits involved with going to the beach. So, what are the secret ingredients? Three words: water, sun, and air, which are all natural elements that offer some form of health benefit(s). That said, what exactly are the health benefits of hitting the beach? Click on to find out!

Seashells and sunshine: the best and worst beaches in the American South

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, it is no wonder that tourists flock to beaches in the American South year after year. However, these seashores are far from equal. While in some areas you can find crystal-clear waters and white sand on par with the Caribbean, others have murky grey water and litter as far as the eye can see. From gorgeous to grotesque, click through the following photo gallery to see the best and worst beaches you can find in the South, according to a survey by Ranker and various online reviews.

These Garden Arches Can Transform Your Backyard Into a Beautiful Oasis

Adding visual interest to your outdoor space has never been easier.

I was born and raised in Honolulu. Here are 7 things I wish tourists knew before they visited Hawaii.

As a Honolulu local, this is what I wish people knew about before they visited Hawaii, from important phrases to crucial travel rules and mistakes.

The fascinating lives of history's most famous hermits

Throughout history, many have opted to lead secluded lives. Whether for a prolonged period to focus on their work or merely to detach from the outside world and rejuvenate, their reclusive tendencies were undeniable. However, this compilation takes a different approach. It delves into the lives of those who actively embraced solitude and made a conscious decision to live as hermits, distancing themselves from society. If this piques your curiosity, browse this gallery and uncover intriguing insights about some of history's most famous hermits.

Revealed: Precautions allergy sufferers should take when flying (and why morning flights are SAFER)

Flying with a food allergy can be daunting and the results of a mistake dire - as Love Island star Jack Fowler discovered after suffering from a reaction on a recent flight to Dubai.

First Ukraine pilots trained to fly Western jets in France

At a secret location in southwestern France, a young Ukrainian pilot kept a tight grip on the controls of an Alpha Jet trainer aircraft. France had used the Alpha Jets to train French pilots for more than 40 years.

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

Don't overlook these hidden gems!

The 24 Best Snacks You Can Find at Costco

Run, don't walk, to your nearest warehouse.

Here Are the 20 Greatest Movies That Take Place on a Train

A subgenre with surprising versatility.

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

These skylines will give you a surge of inspiration.