• The Mark Hotel's Spring Sailing experience happens on a 70ft antique sail boat 
  • It is in its seventh year and continues to lure back passengers despite the price
  • The two-hour voyage includes a copious amount of canapes and wines

This ritzy cruise certainly turns the expression 'plain sailing' on its head.

For there is nothing plain about The Mark Hotel's Spring Sailing experience, which gives passengers a taste of how the other half live aboard a dreamy 70ft antique sail boat.

The hotel - which is beloved by celebrities including Meghan Markle who hosted her baby shower in the $75,000-a-night penthouse - has been running its luxury sailing trip for seven years and it continues to lure back passengers despite the $525 per person price tag.

But after stepping aboard and sampling a taste of high life on the high seas, it's easy to see why this two-hour voyage is pretty much a sell-out for the summer months among deep pocketed travelers.

The boat departs from Tribeca's North Cove Marina, which is considered one of New York's most beautiful mega yacht marinas, with the docking areas framed by mature trees and views of New Jersey and beyond.

On arriving at The Mark's dock at 6:15pm as instructed, anticipation builds.

My partner and I get behind a string of other well-dressed passengers who are being checked in one-by-one.

In total, the regal Herreshoff sailboat which was designed by Rhode-Island-based naval architect Nathanael Greene Herreshoff in the early 20th century, can hold 25 passengers on its polished deck area.

Once the crew have rigged the boat, it's time for us to step aboard, and we opt for a prime seat at the stern behind the captain's wheel while others congregate around the mast area with small benches fixed to the deck.

Following a bout of rainy weather in New York, the sun makes an appearance just in time and we set sail with blue skies above.

After a safety briefing the food and drink service begins, and we are made to feel like princes and princesses, as opposed to pirates, with a fine array of delicacies on the menu.

To kick things off, bottles of champagne go around, with a refreshing Grand Blanc Extra Brut from Philipponnat hitting the spot. 

It pairs deliciously with rounds of fresh oysters, which have a simple dressing in the form of cracked pepper.  

The canapes on the night we sail come courtesy of the team at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges.

Along with oysters, a plethora of other treats surface from below deck, including mini Maine lobster rolls, blinis with caviar, and crisp yet juicy gulf shrimp topped with a sweet chili sauce.

Food aside, we also feast our eyes on the magnificent views of the city.

From Tribeca's North Cove Marina we bob along the west side of Manhattan with the Financial District coming into view and, from there, we make a beeline for the Statue of Liberty as the sun starts to set.  

Following the champagne, more wines are passed around and we opt for a pinot noir from Domaine Pierre Gelin Fixin.

Feeling more lubricated one guest, a keen sailor dressed in deck shoes, comes over and strikes up conversation with the captain, asking him advice around sailing routes in Bermuda where his own boat is moored. 

Once everyone aboard has snapped some prime shots of Lady Liberty bathed in the golden hues of sunset, we start on our voyage back to the marina.

To make it back in town, we use the engine instead of the sails, with its gentle purr serving as our soundtrack. 

Back at the dock, I feel a little wobbly disembarking the boat, unsure if it is two hours of being on the water or the large pours of wine which are to blame. 

All in all, The Mark sailing trip made for a very memorable voyage. 

I've done many boat trips out of Manhattan, from the free Staten Island ferry to an evening trip on a friend's yacht, but the romanticism of The Mark's sail boat is hard to beat.

I'll start saving the cents now for next year. 

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