Britain's loneliest sheep, is now HALF the size she ewe-sed to be!

After spending two years marooned on a remote Highland beach, she was in need of a bit of pampering.

30 of the oldest things on Earth

Did you know that the world's oldest religion dates back 5,000 years? Or that the oldest country is found in Europe? And what about the oldest ship still in use, or the oldest shoe company? Yes, you'd be surprised at the age of some of the things on our planet, with a few actually spanning billions of years. So, what else is truly advanced for its age? Click through and find out why age is no barrier.

After a Night at These Luxurious New International Hotels, You’ll Never Want to Come Home.

Wanderlust is not a deadly sin.

Could You Afford a Vacation Home in South America? Check Out the Prices in These 6 Cities

Whether you're enamored by South America's fascinating history, lush beaches, vast hiking opportunities or bustling metropolitan cities, you'll find no shortage of things to do on the continent. It...

Brit tourist dies 'after falling head-first' from balcony

A British tourist has died after plunging to the ground 'head-first' while trying to climb off a hotel balcony on the Greek party island of Zante.

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

Families of England players face major travel CHAOS as they look to attend the Euro 2024 final - with direct commercial flights to Berlin selling out and private jet quotes reaching £18k

SAMI MOKBEL IN BLANKENHAIN: The parent of one player has even taken the decision to drive to Germany for the game because they can not purchase a direct commercial flight.

What it’s really like to live at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, built in 1703 and designated a royal residence in 1761, is now well-known as the official residence of the late Queen Elizabeth II, but it's also an official state building. The famed royal grounds operate in both private and public spheres, containing both rooms designated for official purposes—the ones which we see—and private areas and apartments, which stay guarded from public view. With its 829,000 square feet and 775 rooms (including 19 state rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, and 188 staff bedrooms), the palace certainly has space for all the royals to live, but it's not as enticing as it might seem. While there are some definite perks to living in the palace, there are also a surprising number of challenges and inconveniences. Click through to find out what life at Buckingham Palace is really like.

Is “Fly Me to the Moon” based on a true story?

"Fly Me to the Moon" crafts a narrative around creating a backup fake moon landing — but did that actually happen?

40 Countries You Might Not Have Heard of But Should Visit ASAP

It's time to get your passport ready.

Socotra Island, the most unworldly place on the planet

Socotra Island covers an area of just 3,626 sq km (1,400 sq m), and yet this tiny Indian Ocean island lying off the coast of Yemen represents a treasure trove of dazzling biodiversity. The largest island in the Socotra archipelago, this is a destination that defies worldly description. Instead its landscape in more alien in nature, a unique collection of habitats that would look more at home on a distant planet in the far reaches of the universe. But Socotra is accessible, and more people are venturing outside their comfort zone to explore this remarkable island and its wealth of rare flora and fauna. So, how adventurous are you? Click through and journey to a place extraterrestrial in looks, and little explored by earthlings.

Fancy a regal retreat? Here's 9 royal estates you can actually holiday in

From rustic stone cottages on the Balmoral estate to a range of Cornish holiday homes, these are the best royal properties you can rent

Immerse yourself in hundreds of years of history in America's most fascinating cities

Have you ever wondered what life was like in colonial Williamsburg, nineteenth-century New Orleans, or 1930s Atlanta? Immerse yourself in hundreds of years of history in these fascinating cities across the United States.

These Dog-Friendly Hotels Will Pamper Your Pup in Luxury

Save this for your next road trip.

The Best Winery In Every State

Calling all wine connoisseurs!

Breathtaking acrobatics at the Pensacola Beach Air Show captured in photos

Breathtaking acrobatics at the Pensacola Beach Air Show captured in photos

I never stay in Las Vegas for more than 2 nights. This is my foolproof itinerary for maximizing a weekend in Sin City.

I've been to Las Vegas a lot and don't stay more than two nights. Here's how I plan the best weekend in Vegas, plus my itinerary and recommendations.

Southwest Airlines is teaming up with Archer to give passengers electric flying taxis

The partnership between Southwest Airlines and Archer Aviation could allow flyers to bypass road traffic on the way to and from the airport.

The Midwest state with lowest cost of living revealed

Oklahoma has been ranked as the state with the lowest cost of living after its major city was revealed as the cheapest big city in the country to rent in.

The forgotten empire that changed the course of history

When we think of ancient civilizations, we tend to think of people that lived around 2,000 years ago, but the Assyrian civilization is much, much older than that, and it played a far more influential role on the world stage than people realize

The 20 Best Luggage Brands Worth Investing In

From Samsonite to Rimowa, Tumi to Away—here's what you need to know about each one.

Plane makes emergency landing at Sydney Airport after fuel leak

A plane has been forced to make an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after a mayday report was made about a fuel leak mid-flight.

Tim Dowling: we’re off to sunny Spain, but I’ve got the airport blues

Our old people’s travel cards do not open the barriers at Gatwick airport train station. My wife flashes me an I-told-you-so look, because she told me so, shortly after we left the house. Things have not started well, and we’re still a long way from Spain. “Zones one through six only,” the guard says, in a weary, patronising sing-song. This, I realise, is what being old is like: they give you free stuff, and then snatch it away so they can treat...

Moment packed Boeing 777 scrapes tail along Italian runway

This is the heart-in-mouth moment a Boeing 777 jet packed with passengers scraped its tail hundreds of metres along an Italian runway.

Adorable animals that could soon be lost forever

Time is running out for these incredible endangered creatures, which are all listed on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

6 Reasons To Cancel Your Costco Membership in 2024

The membership-only store has its perks, but it's not for everyone. Is it time for you to reconsider the cost?

Places around the world you are forbidden to visit

It's hard to imagine that there are a lot of places around the world that people are prohibited from visiting. Unless you're a researcher, scientist, or military officer, some of these places are strictly forbidden for the general public, which adds another layer of mystery to them. There are historical sites that are so fragile they can be easily damaged by humans, and also some seriously dangerous places many of us would be terrified to visit. From an island infested with snakes to a vault holding special secrets, check out these extremely fascinating and forbidden places. Click on!

7 of the Most Ridiculously Long Interstates in the U.S.

Historic, iconic, impossibly long.

USA road-tripping: the best camping spots

With 58 National Parks to choose from, the United States has glorious campsites as far as the eye can see. For those who love getting fresh air and being out in nature, camping trips are mandatory. Whether you have an annual pass for national parks or you're a first-time explorer, the options are endless. Based on a list from the lifestyle site Greatist, click through the following gallery to see 15 stunning places you will want to set up camp in.

The Best Checked Luggage of 2024, Tested by Experts

Pack all the clothes and shoes you want into these durable, top-tested bags.

Essential items to pack in your travel backpack

There's an art to packing a backpack. The idea is to save space while making sure that everything you need is at hand. But knowing how to pack isn't always easy, and the destination itself often dictates what to include and what to dismiss. However there are some items that should always be ticked off your travel checklist, no matter where you're going. Browse the gallery and find out how to pack like a pro.

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

A FIRE couple who retired early visited every national park. They shared 6 of their favorites — and 5 to skip.

Steven and Lauren Keys retired early with a high net worth thanks to the FIRE movement. They shared their favorite and least favorite national parks.

Secrets From Disneyland And Disney World Revealed

Who doesn't want to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Belle and Winnie the Pooh? If you believe in magic, do your best Scrooge McDuck and dive headfirst into these 48 facts about Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The most famous sculptures of all time

Sculptures have been a vital part of human history for thousands of years. From ancient civilizations to modern times, they have been used to depict gods, heroes, everyday people, and even objects. From Michelangelo’s David to Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, these iconic sculptures are defining works of both their eras and their creators. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply curious about the world of sculpture, check out this gallery for the most famous sculptures of all time. But keep in mind that photographs alone rarely do sculpture justice, so aim to see these examples in person to appreciate their full aesthetic impact.

Surreal sea creatures: the weird wonders of the ocean down under

Australia is known to have some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world, particularly when it comes to creatures of the deep. There's a reason it's one of the most popular destinations for diving enthusiasts! The Great Barrier Reef alone is home to more than 1,500 species of fish and Australia as a whole has more than 4,000. Many of them aren't found anywhere else in the world, and some of them look like they're not from planet Earth... Click on to see some of Australia's weirdest, creepiest, and most colorful sea creatures in this gallery.

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

The Brandenburg Gate: a symbol of division or unity?

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most recognized monuments in Germany, and, indeed, Europe. Located in Berlin, the triumphal arch has a tumultuous history. Completed in 1791, this neoclassical masterpiece has survived two global conflicts, and served as a physical and ideological barrier under Soviet rule during the Cold War. Today, this iconic structure is a symbol of peace and unity, and remains a popular and venerated visitor attraction. So, what else has this gate gone through in its 230-plus year history? Click through and take a thorough look at the Brandenburg Gate.

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

13 Beautiful City Skyline Photos Snapped Around the World

Dazzling views from the top await.

A complete guide to planning for Pride

From the parade to afterparties, we have rounded up everything you need to know.

These Garden Arches Can Transform Your Backyard Into a Beautiful Oasis

Adding visual interest to your outdoor space has never been easier.

TV writer sparks FURIOUS plane debate after slamming controversial flight habit - so what do you think?

American TV writer and author Gary Janetti has sparked a furious debate after he shared that he hates this common flight habit - joking that it makes people look like they've got the flu.

The 8 Best Cities To Vacation In Tennessee

Tennessee is peppered with charming small towns, but sometimes a city getaway is just what you need. These destinations—some will be familiar, others may be less so—offer plenty of vacation possibilities, whether you’re interested in touring distilleries, hiking in nature, learning about the state’s history, or something entirely different. Think o...

Discover the world's most historic places in 40 stunning images

Feast your eyes on these spellbinding images from the Historic Photographer of the Year Awards 2022, which show off some of the world's most storied sites in all their glory.

Tragic incident in popular Philippine resort leaves three dead

Two Australian nationals and their Filipina companion were found dead in a hotel room in... The post Tragic incident in popular Philippine resort leaves three dead appeared first on The Independent News.

10 of America’s Best Water Parks

Make a splash at these fun-filled oases.

Australia explorer laid to rest in village

Matthew Flinders, the man credited with naming Australia, has been reburied in Lincolnshire.

Thousands flock to photograph 'Manhattanhenge,' but clouds spoil the occasion

Thousands flock to photograph 'Manhattanhenge,' but clouds spoil the occasion

Here Are the 20 Greatest Movies That Take Place on a Train

A subgenre with surprising versatility.