No Christmas tree in Bethlehem as holiday pared down over Gaza war

"We have never seen Bethlehem like this, not even during the time of COVID. The town is empty, sad."

Mind-blowing facts about the US that most Americans would be surprised to learn

How much do you know about the United States of America? For example, are you aware that the current American flag was designed by a 16-year-old as part of a school project? Or that the US does not have an official language? What about the fact that there are more cattle in South Dakota than people? And are you aware that the nation is the only one on Earth that features all five major climate zones? Intrigued? Click through and be surprised by these amazing reality checks and more.

Spectacular pyramids across the globe, that aren't in Egypt

From the Aztec pyramids of Mexico to temples of Indonesia, and even modern-day buildings from the last century, here’s our pick of the world’s most intriguing pyramids outside of Egypt.

Top 43 Free Things To Do in Singapore (Dec 2023): Christmas Markets, Snowfall Displays, Pet Carnivals, Free Jagua Tattoos, And More

Bored as well as broke? We’ve got good news for you. This December, there’s no way you’ll miss out on the festivities with the slew of Christmas markets, fairs, and events to keep you entertained at zero cost. Look forward to so many Christmas markets that I almost lost count of them, festive performances, a 15m tall Christmas tree, free Christmas-themed Jagua tattoos, snowfall displays, and more. Our furry friends aren’t forgotten—the season...

The Most Anticipated K-Dramas Of December 2023

What says “happy holidays” better than watching a world-class photographer return to her homeland to take a break from her chaotic life? Or, rooting for an orchestra conductor fighting against all odds for her team? The jolliest time of the year is here, and it looks like 2023 saved some of its most exciting Korean dramas for December. Curious to know which upcoming K-dramas will make your December 2023 bingeing session merry? We have you...

World’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi experiences inaugural flight

The world’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey took her first flight ever last year.... The post World’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi experiences inaugural flight appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

The mysteries of the North Sea: a lost land bridge, a geopolitical crossroads, and a tourist haven

The North Sea—the northeastern arm of the Atlantic Ocean—is located between the British Isles and the mainland of northwestern Europe. Its waters have had a strong influence on European history, providing access for commerce and conflict. The sea is also the source of numerous myths and legends. Incredibly, however, the North Sea covers an area that was once terra firma, an enormous land bridge that connected Britain to continental Europe. Intrigued? Click through and find out more about how this sea was formed and the role it has played in geopolitical and military affairs, and its appeal as a tourism destination.

All about Singapore Art Week, which returns for a January 2024 edition

It’s that time of the year when Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape comes alive. The Singapore Art Week 2024, featuring 150 exhibitions and programmes put together by 400 partners from all over the world, is set to begin in January. Back for its 12th edition, the event is organised by the National Art Council with support from the Singapore Tourism Board. This 10-day event will be a one-stop destination for local and global talents, cultural...

The eerie mystery of Japan's Devil Sea

The Bermuda Triangle is famous for its mysterious disappearances. However, there is a lesser-known region in the Pacific Ocean that is equally infamous for its stories of unexplained disappearances and seemingly supernatural activity. Intrigued? Click through the gallery and discover the fascinating secrets of the Devil's Sea.

Nomad-friendly nations: Spain and top nine countries for seamless work and travel

If you’re planning a work and travel adventure, you’ll be delighted to discover an exclusive list of the best digital nomad visas, with Spain leading as the country with the most favourable programme in the world. Since the launch of its digital nomad visa in early 2023, Spain has surpassed several countries that have been offering such visas for years. The comprehensive list ranks Argentina second, Romania third, UAE fourth and Croatia fifth....

The best small cities in the world

Every year, readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine vote for their favorite international city destination. Among other voting requests, readers are asked to nominate their preferred small cities, places where they reckon less means more. Here are the chosen ones. Click through and find out if your favorite small city made the cut!

Why were these famous figures buried in unmarked graves?

For thousands of years, humans have honored the deceased by conducting burial ceremonies. It is intrinsic to our existence, making it difficult to fathom not knowing the final resting place of a loved one. Surprisingly, numerous renowned individuals have been interred in unmarked graves. Even in cases where their names were put on a tombstone for the public to pay their respects, they weren't placed at the actual burial location. Explore this gallery to see which famous figures were buried in graves without markers.

Beppu: the Japanese city built over hell itself!

Here's an unusual trip: a Japanese city that looks like it was built right above hell itself! Here visitors can see hot steam rising out of the soil and waters all over the town. But don't worry, lots of people come to Beppu to relax! Check out the gallery and see one of the most unique destinations in the world!

How wild was the Wild West, really?

We've all seen Western movies and numerous depictions of what the Old West was like, but it still begs the question: how wild was the Wild West, really? Well, it turns out it was pretty wild! So wild, in fact, that you’d probably struggle to survive... Curious to find out more about this slice of American history? Then put on your cowboy hat and click through.

Worried woman in China, 41, snared at airport with fake passport hiding real age from 24-year-old boyfriend

Woman pays US$900 for bogus passport bearing changed date of birth Authorities impose US$420 fine, confiscate travel document A woman in China with a boyfriend 17 years her junior has been caught at Beijing airport using a fake passport to hide her real age. The woman, who was born in 1982, aroused the suspicions of an immigration officer who notic...

Beautiful bars: 26 Instagrammable hotspots to visit on your next trip abroad

Lights, camera, and action – with a carefully-crafted drink in hand and your phone in the other, a night out in any one of these 26 beautiful bars would be an Instagrammable event to remember. Everyone – and we mean everyone – loves a good excuse to get dressed up and camera ready. In our age of instant social gratification, an Instagram story or a hashtag is enough to tip the scales into widescale virality, turning any simple establishment into...

Bizarre beach finds around the world you WON'T believe

A look at the strangest items found washed up on beaches around the world

An enormous iceberg is roaming free for the first time in decades

Pet boarding bookings rise by 50% as families set off for year-end vacations

SINGAPORE: As the year draws to a close and more Singaporeans prepare to jet off... The post Pet boarding bookings rise by 50% as families set off for year-end vacations appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

The longest-named places on Earth

Do you know where Jászfelsőszentgyörgy is? Better question: can you pronounce it? This is a tiny village in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Hungary. And, believe it or not, it is probably one of the easier names to pronounce in this entire gallery. Why? Because it's the shortest! Ready for these tongue twisters? Check out the longest named places on earth! Click through.

Go with the flow down the world’s most BEAUTIFUL waterways

Spanning everything from floating lagoon cities to cross-country water channels, here we take a look at the most incredible canals and waterways from across the globe.

The most beautiful sunrises on Earth are worth waking up for

From mountain tops to deserts, we've selected 28 photos of the most beautiful early morning skies around the world – no noisy alarm clock required.

History's most infamous unfinished buildings

There are numerous examples of ambitious but ultimately flawed architectural projects. Around the world are plenty of structures that on paper probably appeared destined for success, but instead were either abandoned or left languishing in construction limbo, often due to lack of funds or political strife. Among these unfinished buildings are palaces, cathedrals, skyscrapers, and even a nuclear power plant. So, where can you find some of the most notorious architecture that never was... or still might be? Click through and study the blueprints, so to say.

Open up the secrets behind famous gates around the world

These 38 incredible gateways are works of art in their own right. But some have dark histories.

Stunning natural wonders you’ll want to add to your bucket list

From a multi-coloured canyon to a colossal glacier floating on tranquil teal waters, these are the world's most picturesque natural wonders.

The First Outside Of China—2024 CFMoto 450 CL-C Revealed In The Philippines

Just in time for the holiday season.

Keep America weird: strangest facts about each state

The United States is a big, vast place where sometimes (a lot of times) weird things happen. Jokes about Florida's strangeness abound, as evidenced by the amount of Twitter accounts dedicated to poking fun at the absurd things that take place in the Sunshine State. But Florida is far from being alone. Check out these strange facts about American states that will increase your random knowledge and your chances of winning trivia games.

Abandoned places around the world that have been TRANSFORMED

These empty and abandoned places around the world are being reborn...

The loveliest picturesque towns in France

Quirky things you can only find in Japan

Japan is a fascinating country, but a culture shock can be experienced by visitors, especially those traveling from the West. Indeed, the Land of the Rising Sun is more than what one could hope for, and then some! Some ideas, concepts, and customs are indeed fascinating, and in this gallery we bring you a glimpse into the quirkiness you can expect when visiting Japan. Click through to discover them.

Eerie abandoned ghost towns hidden in the world's deserts

Here are the world’s desert communities that have become eerie ghost towns and, interestingly, manmade attractions.

What country is this? Test your geography knowledge

What country is this? Test your geography knowledge.

The most beautiful James Bond movie locations you can visit

We look at some locations around the world that have played a starring role in the movie franchise over the decades.

The mysteries of the Oracle of Delphi

One of the most important religious institutions in ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi represents a fascinating and mysterious chapter in history. The story tells of a prophetic priestess sat at the site of Delphi, which the ancient Greeks considered the center of the Earth. Oracles were consulted across ancient Greece, but Delphi was different. This center of prophecy in the ancient world was independent from neighboring city-states, resting atop a stunning backdrop of rolling mountains where ruins remain to this day. Intrigued? Click on to learn why the story of the Oracle of Delphi continues to captivate.

The most impressive examples of wooden architecture in the world

Lost underwater cities that have now been found

Discover the incredible underwater cities we thought were gone forever...

Eastern and Oriental Express, plus more of the world's most luxurious train journeys

Here’s our pick of the world’s best sleeper trains where you’ll embrace the journey as much as the destination.

From Titanic to Brokeback Mountain: the loveliest movie couples

Amazing lakes frozen in winter

The world's lakes represent some of the most amazing natural wonders found on the planet. Blessed with year-round appeal, these magnificent bodies of water are especially mesmerizing in colder months, when frozen over and dusted with snow. Click through and chill out admiring these lakes frozen in winter.

Silly and spooky mythological creatures of North America

The United States has a long, storied history of people supposedly running into critters, aliens, and supernatural creatures of all different shapes and sizes. Most of these accounts tread the line between fact and fiction, with no concrete evidence. Nonetheless, for decades, and in some cases for centuries, people have been claiming to see things that can't quite be explained. Some of these creatures are elusive, some murderous, while others are just harmless and goofy. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about the most interesting creatures of American folklore.

They emptied a lake in Madrid and found the unthinkable

The most beautiful travel destinations in Australia

Why I’m flying to Texas in the middle of a war - opinion

The ties between Texas and Israel are extensive and continuously expanding beyond the state’s broad support for Israel.

Why was Venice so important in the Middle Ages?

The port of Venice had an advantageous position in the Middle Ages. Situated in heart of a lagoon, at the north-eastern end of the Adriatic, its location facilitated the birth of a bustling marketplace. Trade routes depended on the sea, and Venice had easy access to North Africa, the Middle East, the Black Sea, and the rest of Europe. It's unsurprising, then, that the city became an important commercial center and a maritime empire. By the 13th century, it was one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. Intrigued? Click on to learn more about Venice in the Middle Ages.

Random historical facts you didn’t know

The world is full of astonishing stories that often get forgotten or overlooked in history classes. This shows that there are plenty of interesting and random historical facts that you probably never knew of in the first place. From Cleopatra's origins to Abraham Lincoln's wrestling career, click through the following gallery to discover random historical facts you didn’t know.

Wonderful waterfalls around the world that are truly spectacular

Your guide to the planet’s most spectacular cascades, from tall trickles to sculptural masterpieces.

Tiny countries you have to visit if you HATE crowds

From far-flung coral atolls and splendidly sleepy archipelagos to isolated mountainous republics, these tiny crowd-free countries are perfect for a relaxing holiday.

These views are incredible, but only if you're brave enough

From deep water soloing in Thailand to riding the world’s fastest roller coaster in the UAE and the most dangerous bike trails in North and South America, here are our top picks of the most adrenaline-inducing activities, guaranteed to add extra thrills to your travels.

The mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

The 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is one of the most shocking air travel disasters in recent history. The plane was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished from the radars over the Indian Ocean. No survivors or wreckage were ever found, and countless family members still have no closure almost a decade later. On November 27, 2023, Chinese courts began hearings to determine what compensation the relatives of the victims are owed. “Almost 10 years on, the family members (who refused to accept settlement offers) did not receive any apology or a penny of compensation,” Jiang Hui, who lost his mother, told CNN. “The complete lack of legal remedies over the past decade has made our painful lives even more unbearable.” Jiang is suing Malaysia Airlines, its insurer, Boeing, and the manufacturer of the plane’s engine. His demands include financial compensation and a formal apology. He is also requesting that the companies resume providing psychological support for the families. If the courts decide in favor of Jiang and the other relatives, it's unclear how China will enforce the ruling. Many of the companies involved are international and do not have headquarters in China. Similar lawsuits brought by family members in the United States were dismissed on the basis that the Malaysian legal system should handle these cases. Of the 200 people that disappeared, 150 of them were Chinese nationals. To learn more about the circumstances surrounding one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history, click through the gallery.

Bathroom breaks that have saved lives and started wars

When nature calls, we have to go. Bathroom breaks are something we all need, and while it may seem natural and trivial, sometimes, they can have dire consequences and lead to quite extraordinary outcomes. Not convinced? What if we told you that bathroom breaks have been linked to scientific breakthroughs, the death of kings, and that a war has been started because of one? Now that we have your attention, click on and get to know the bathroom breaks that changed history.