SINGAPORE: A group of tourists has come forward to warn fellow travellers about their nightmarish experience at Green Bali Adventures, a popular adventure operator in Bali, Indonesia. The tourists reported safety issues during an ATV ride that injured their family members and alleged unprofessional behaviour by the adventure company’s staff.

The incident came to light when Vicky Nathan, a tourist visiting Bali with his family, shared his harrowing experience on Facebook. Mr Vicky described how what was supposed to be an exhilarating ATV ride turned into a traumatic ordeal.

According to Mr Vicky’s Facebook post, the adventure operator claimed that their ATV rides were safe and even had an endorsement from their driver. However, during the ride, the front tire of his son’s ATV suddenly gave way, leading to a distressing accident in which his son and daughter suffered injuries.

Compounding the already dire situation, the escorting rider, who was responsible for ensuring the safety of the tourists, allegedly prioritized his own enjoyment over their well-being. Fortunately, other tourists came to their rescue when Mr Vicky’s son became trapped under the overturned ATV.

When Mr Vicky and his family approached the management of Green Bali Adventures seeking assistance and an explanation, they were met with shocking indifference and even mockery. According to his account, the staff showed no remorse and appeared to find the situation amusing.

The situation took a more disturbing turn when Mr Vicky threatened to file a report against the adventure operator. Instead of addressing the concerns professionally, the staff reportedly posed for pictures in a seemingly mocking manner. Furthermore, they demanded a compensation fee of 8 million rupiah (approximately $550 USD) for the alleged damage to the ATV, a demand that Mr Vicky refused.

Mr Vicky said: “When we approached the management they were not even apologetic but were very nonchalant and laughed at us like it was a practical joke!!! When I told them that I will lodge a report against them, they gleefully posed for pictures!!! To add insult to injury they wanted us to pay 8 million rupiah in compensation for the damage to the ATV!!!”

The father posted photos of the company staff mockingly posing for pictures.


In a highly distressing turn of events, Mr Vicky claimed that the staff of Green Bali Adventures began circling his family, attempting to intimidate them into complying with their demands.

Fortunately, the situation was diffused when other foreign tourists arrived, learned about the incident, and offered support. Their presence allowed the Nathan family to leave the premises safely.

Mr Vicky said, “When I refused they started circling me like a pack of hyenas doing their best to intimidate me into paying them!!! Thankfully more foreigners arrived and when they heard what happened they supported us and they then gave way for us to leave.”

This alarming incident raises serious questions about the safety standards at Green Bali Adventures. The tourists involved in the incident have warned fellow travellers to exercise caution and avoid the adventure operator due to what they describe as poorly maintained ATVs and a lack of concern for visitor safety.

Mr Vicky said: “Pls be wary of this Green Bali Adventures, their ATV is in very bad condition and they are least bothered about maintaining them. What a terrible experience!!!”

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