• Widdicombe and wife Rose Hanson bought mansion in seaside village of Mullion 

Comedian Josh Widdicombe has become the latest celeb to snap up a £1million coastal second home in Cornwall - and plans to rent it out to holidaymakers.

The Last Leg funnyman, 40, and wife Rose Hanson bought the stunning Penrose House mansion in the seaside village of Mullion and are extensively renovating it including building an extension to provide a fifth and sixth bedroom.

Rose, 40, a TV producer, has lifted the lid on the works in a series of Instagram posts revealing the couple - who live in London with their two children - plan to rent the house out to holidaymakers when they aren't there.

She revealed: 'We plan to spend as much time as we can in Cornwall, Josh's family are in Devon so it's great to be near them and we will be renting it out probably through a company when we're not there.'

Rose also revealed she is the boss when it comes to renovations, saying: 'He's good at writing jokes, I'm good with interiors, we stick to our lanes.'

Pictures of the renovation show builders have ripped out bathrooms and moved walls as well as demolishing a conservatory affected by damp and building a new garden room. 

A former workshop is to be turned into a home gym for weightlifting fan Rose.

The renovation works are protecting the Georgian house's impressive character features including chandeliers, fireplace and large bay windows.

When MailOnline visited the house it was abuzz with workmen replacing windows and building the roof of the extension.

One villager said: 'It's one of the biggest houses in the village and it's great that it's getting a new lease of life. 

'It's a shame it's going to be another second home but nobody's surprised these days and I think they do genuinely want to spend family time here and be part of the village.'

The home - bought by the couple for £850,000 - was previously owned by notable British abstract artist Barrie Cook from 1991 until his death in 2020.

The renovation and additional bedrooms is likely to see its value soar to well over £1 million.

Fans were quick to praise the works with one saying: 'All looking so good, the tile choices are great!'

Another added: 'This is the best bit of renovating, when you start putting everything back together and the house starts to shine again! I love all of your interior design choices so far.'

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